A male of any age (but most commonly in his late 20's to early 30's) that generally fits into the following stereotype:

1. Wears flat-billed hats or trucker hats turned at any variety of angles on his head.
2. Drives an over-sized truck, often with a fake set of balls attached in the back. Typically has a nasty case of road rage.
3. Is overcompensating for any number of things, including their physical, mental, emotional and professional shortcomings.
4. Hangs out in public with others of his kind, often seen doing the following: being loud, getting drunk, bragging, high-fiving, mocking the public, picking fights and mistreating women.
This bar is full of broheims. I'm scared, honey. Let's just go to Red Robin instead.
by Goose42 June 12, 2008
Top Definition
A kinsman, a fellow man or colleague; brethren; referring to a friend or a brother as such.
As Dan was leaving the bar he turned to the bartender and said, "so long, broheim."
by Matt Rondeau September 09, 2004
A Broheim (bro-haIm) Is an increasingly popular blend greeting created by the US expatriate communities in Pan-Germanic Europe and the Nordic countries. The term literally translates to mean "Bro Home", however it has taken on the connotation of a term of endearment, and effectively means "Friend" or "My Brother" in local context. It is similar in vocative terms to "mate", "pal", "buddy", "dude", "man", and "che" in various other cultures.
Franz: Salutations comrade Hans, how hangs the hammer?
Hans: The hammer hangs well Broheim
by Slang Facist July 09, 2009
One who is not only a close friend, but who generally excels at life and everything related to it.
"After this weekend, Scott is my fucking broheim. He bailed me out of jail and helped me hide my landlord's body"

by Ian Woods November 03, 2006
Another slang term for a beer.
Hey Puff Daddy will pass me a broheim out of that case of Nati Light?

Yo baby Steve, let's shotgun this broheim then we'll head over to Delta Chi.

Dude, we only have a couple more broheims left!
by Frank3780 September 11, 2009
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