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One who has been spotted at various events and gathering sporting a red plastic cup containing any variety of alcoholic beverages. Typically these types will have their picture taken with the red cup in hand. Often holding it in front of them or over their head with drunken pride. Those deemed as "Red cuppers" will typically also hold the stereotype that they spend the majority of their free time partying and getting drunk.

Broheims (male) and Broheiminas (female) are commonly known for their Red cupping ways. Although, not all Broheims are Red cuppers, and not all Red cuppers are Broheims.
"Man, I'm sick of all the red cuppers on Myspace. It's like the most popular past-time of my generation is getting drunk and posting pictures of the process."
by Goose42 June 12, 2008

1. A female seen associating with broheims.
2. A female dating a broheim.
3. A female who is just as obnoxious as a broheim.

Current fashion trends for broheiminas include:
Overly-streaked hair, blinding lip-gloss, fake boobs, mini-skirts, wife-beaters and skinny-ties, knee-high boots that look like converse, perma-PMS.
If I see one more streaky-haired broheimina in a mini-skirt and trucker hat at this show I'm gonna puke my Appletini all over the floor.
by Goose42 June 12, 2008

A male of any age (but most commonly in his late 20's to early 30's) that generally fits into the following stereotype:

1. Wears flat-billed hats or trucker hats turned at any variety of angles on his head.
2. Drives an over-sized truck, often with a fake set of balls attached in the back. Typically has a nasty case of road rage.
3. Is overcompensating for any number of things, including their physical, mental, emotional and professional shortcomings.
4. Hangs out in public with others of his kind, often seen doing the following: being loud, getting drunk, bragging, high-fiving, mocking the public, picking fights and mistreating women.
This bar is full of broheims. I'm scared, honey. Let's just go to Red Robin instead.
by Goose42 June 12, 2008
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