Used when reffering to a friend, compadre, homey. commonly used by slick fourteen year old males who haven't hit puberty.
Friend 1: hey dawg.
Friend 2: yo brohan!
#brah #bro #stupid #surfers #retarded
by kimmmmmaayy April 25, 2008
Top Definition
bro, friend ,amigo, brother
hey brohan hows it hanging
by scenster September 25, 2004
Often used as a term of endearment between two bros who are into hardcore stuff: music, extreme sports, excessive drinking, or just brain-dead surfers with horrible judgement. These individuals are usually too full of adrenaline and not enough synapses.
Brain-dead surfer 1: "Whoooaa! What up brohan?!
Brain-dead surfer 2: "Not much brohan!"
Brain-dead surfer 1: "How gnarly is the wake brohan?"
Brain-dead surfer 2: "Well, I figure there's only one way to find out brohan!!"
Brain-dead surfer 1 & 2: "Time!!"
#brohawn #brohaun #brohon #bro #brosef
by C-Ring October 24, 2007
a chill individual that loves surfing; also a greeting to a fellow surfer or friend.
Guy 1: "Hey Brohan"
Guy 2: "What's up brohan?"
#bro #brosef #bros #brohon #brosif
by brohan nation December 03, 2007
One who is very bro-like, and is likely to be called so by his frat brothers. It originally comes from combining "Gohan" and the term "Bro". A Brohan probably thinks he is tough like a "super saiyan" There is most likely a Brohan in your nearest chapter of sigma chi.

See also: Bro-licious
Bro 1: Hey have you met Ted?
Bro 2: WTF is Ted? You mean Brohan!
#bro #brolicious #uber-bro #bro-almighty #sigma chi
by Beef Rockmore January 23, 2011
Any dramatic, creepy male who abuses substances; the male version of Lindsay Lohan.
"I was stalked by a brohan while leaving the bar."
"I can't believe I dated him, he is such a brohan."
#bro #junkie #male #creep #stalker
by MauMoh February 09, 2012
A really cool person
Usually used in a sarcastic way
A part of a bromance
Person 1: "Omg wtf i heard the best knock-knock joke"
Person 2: "Wow, thats so cool brohan!!!"
#broan #brohan #bromance #brohann #brhan
by Your Brohan June 20, 2010
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