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the combined actions of computer coding and bro'ing out with your buds.
Hey what are you doing this weekend? I'm broding like a boss with my buds Mark and Shuks...
by Sir Brodes A lot April 25, 2011
5 2
The act of throwing a heavyweight mattress (defining heavyweight as common spring mattresses usually 4-7kg in weight) at another being.
Usually reserved for usage specifically between males, propelling a mattress at a female is commonly frowned upon.
A friend may throw a mattress at another friend, therefor the act of 'Broding'.
or If one has performed the act in the past the word 'Brodied' is used.
by LewieRain July 24, 2011
1 3
The act of falling asleep whilst undertaking strenuous or dangerous activities.
One may fall asleep or into an unconscious state whilst lifting a heavy object, then dropping that object causing damage around them. This would be an example of Broding.
by LewieR July 28, 2011
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