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Noun: See broad

Sounds like: (b)road

Intentional mis-pronunciation of the term broad, with the same definition.
Dahveed: "Hey that brode is so hawt I wanna fuck her tube"
by Dahveed May 12, 2008
n. a fit of laughter

v. to laugh
I prefer brode over bro'd.
by Voyaging November 03, 2014
The word used to describe the ultimate code of the bro. The code that all true bros all bound to follow. Man Law
Kory-"Dude, did you just steal my fruit snacks?"


Kory-"Man, you're totally breaking the brode!"
by Supa_Bro March 31, 2009
The mixture between a Bro and a dude.
What's up Brode, lets go lay down some hammers!
by JemmaLemma December 09, 2009
1.A term brought up around the game of Ultimate when a player makes a throw with the disc, resembles in movements, or pretends to be like the player Brodie Smith.

2. A way of calling to an Ultimate player about his/her skills.
"Dude I just threw the disc across the football field into a garbage can. It was so Brodes."

"YO, BRODES. Nice play!"
by Heidultimate September 08, 2011
The combination of dude and bro. Typically used by stoners or surfers.
That was knarly brode.
by austell May 11, 2015
verb-to exhibit the qualities of being a bro
Lets grab a beer and brode.
by Nemet!!!! February 08, 2009
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