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a very smart friend/bro. Combining bro and yoda.
"thanks for giving me the answer, you are such a broda"
by TheUrbanKing July 22, 2009
A bro with yoda level skills. This is a person who excells far beyond the normal level of a person on this planet. His skills of all thing parties can only be described as those skills by the master Jedi Yoda from a galaxy far far away.
Nick and I were at a club, and the way he was picking up girls was as if he was using Jedi mind tricks. A true master Broda.
by drummer9318 October 09, 2011
(1) A bro one goes to for advice. (2) A really short bro
You should go ask broda.
by The Barnacle July 30, 2009
1) Last name of the amazing singer of Abandon All Ships
2) A supreme level of hotness in a male
1) Martin Broda is my hero!
2) "So, you gonna go out with him?"

"Duh, he's so "Broda"!"

"OOH, got that right!"
by CrazyK68 May 17, 2011
Taken from the name "Yoda." The name a clan of bros give their most experienced and chillest bro.
Hunter is like Broda. He must have invented Broness.
by Theguywhogetsgoodvagina January 19, 2011
1. A large man who doesn't hear both sides to an argument and places a bet based on false information.

2. A large man who sells cars that likes to stay past closing and keep management from going home.
1. Don't place a bet with Broda. He will make up your side of the bet and call you a welcher.

2. God, we close at 9 tonight but since Broda is here, I guess I won't be going home until midnight.
by KIDVersion1 July 12, 2014
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