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The act of two straight dudes who are good friends chilling on a couch or a big bed in close proximity. Not to be confused with spooning. It's not a sexual act but rather two close friends or literal brothers who are comfortable being close to each other. Includes hugging, wrestling, play-fights, but mostly the act of being physically close in a way that isn't uncomfortable or creepy. Also when real brothers are far apart in age, the younger one wants to be physically close to his older brother. Bro-cuddling is part of Bromance, the need for two guys who like each other in a non-romantic way to be close and who feel comfortable touching each other.
David is 6 years old and scared of the storm. He went to his older brother Matt's room to hide out and for some "bro-cuddling." Matt is 17.

"My nephew hangs on me all the time. I know I'm his favorite uncle, but damn, enough with the constant bro-cuddling."

Both John and Doug are asleep on the big bean bag. John is using Doug's legs to prop up his pillow. They are not gay but they are always bro-cuddling.

"Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are doing some serious bro-cuddling on The Voice."
by Eagle Azure January 05, 2014
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