okay one British is the name of the person from Britian...
two iwas reading these definitions and there is so much bashing going on between the british and the americans, it's rediculess. I was born in Britian that makes me British, but i live in both America and Germany(damn parents divorced)...
Niethor country is better than the other, both have their problems...but America does seem to have more at the moment...
Anyways with that being said...get over these damn sterio-types of us Brits having bad teeth, and thining we are all snoody, and look down our noses on everybody else. Just because Austin Powers was "british" and he had bad teeth doesnt mean eveyone does...Again Hollywood screws with your head.
Same with Americans. Not Everyone is lazy and thinks that they are hard and gangser, and eats at bloody Mc Donalds everyday!!...
There are Ugly people all over the world, trust me I have seen most of it...and if you have bad teeth, well thats why they made braces, now isn't it?
apparently i have to use the word british in my examlpe...yay...
NOW....bloody hell get past your closed minded sterio-types
by brit.amer.stpnk September 30, 2006
A person who comes from a strange rain swept island called Britain. It used to be called "The British Isles", and "Great" Britain, but that was before it became a third world country. The British fall into two categories: The Dandy and the Chav. The Dandy is the stereotypical version of a Brit; a haughty and sniffy metrosexualized fop who nibbles on cucumber sammiches with pinky extended while spouting off poetry. Then there is the modern stereotype; the fat, drunk, smelly, toothless, uncircumcised, foul mouthed, shaven headed Chav lout in a dirty soccer shirt ("football" they call it, *snort*). It is mostly the English who are associated with this embarrassing and disgraceful image of the British, and not the Scots (who are usually sleeping off their heroin fix), and the Welsh (who are busy sodomizing farm animals). The Northern Irish don't really know what they are, they just want to drink it or bomb it.
"Wow, did you see that group of fat, drunk, and smelly British tourists get beaten to a pulp by that proud, patriotic, and hygienic American citizen defending his land and his honor from those dirty foreign interlopers?"
by RonnieTheGreat January 24, 2009
A person from England. Nice enough people, very good beer, similar culture and sense of humor to that of the US. Except for the ones who need to constantly slag off/rag on the US, refering to it as "a colony" and insisting that Americans pronounce and spell words incorrectly because Americans have different customs etc...Basically Americans wish that the ex-pat Brits who act as if as if they ran the world would kindly leave. Not all brits are whinging poms, both Eric Idle and John Cleese have settled in the US and they seem to get along just fine. It's the British that seem to despise anything slightly different from home that we are sick of. The rest of you are welcome to come on over!

Just as there is the "ugly American" tourist stereotype, there are "Awful Brits" that travel around and give the English people in general a bad name. The British often "win" world's worst tourist titles because of this.

The british lout became upset that the word "color" was spelt without a "u" in the US and decided to pontificate about the superiority of the English. The nerve of another country - having different ways of doing things!

When the waiter mistakenly asked if he was Australian due to his accent, the British tourist loudly berated the man for being a "typically stupid American", not realising that the waiter was actually Canadian.
by gingernyc September 03, 2007
People from the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Although the tag is not appreciated by many in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The stereotype British is either very lower class has a sunburned bald head, wears an England jersey, could get in a fist fight with his mother and spouts endless tuneless dirges about 'Engerland'. The alternative is being so posh they can't close their mouths. In reality not near as bad as the stereotypes in general but much of their football supporters should be put down like dogs. A great many of the worlds best inventions came from here and grudgingly I admit it would be markedly different without them. Now much less important in the grand scheme of things than a few hundred years ago and having trouble dealing with it. Can have an annoying type of arrogance that seems to stem from not realising many people of different races are still a bit angry about having their culture stripped of them in a barbaric and cruel fashion. This kind of stuff is not really taught in the school system as many are ashamed of it now. Their main critics are the Irish who were relatively happy left to their own devices before the 700 hundred years of oppression, the Scottish who think they're wankers, the Aussies who think they're pussies and the French who dont like anyone.
The British are alright I suppose but they knock more than their fair share of wankers for the size of the country. Still they churn out some damn fine comedy both on TV and stand up
by Smoky D November 15, 2006
Bunch of tyrannical bastards. Got whipped by the Americans and are continually whipped by the Irish.Some British people(Scots, Welsh, or Northern Irish)are genuinely good people, however the English are scum
The British army couldn't beat the IRA so they ran away
by Sasquatch1916 March 11, 2009
a race of people who are jealous of Australia
the bloody british bloke was having a go at the aussies again.
by tim07 September 20, 2006
Narrow minded, cocky, and ignorant consumer-religion people. British have virtually no culture, their consumerism is their culture. They're stuck-up, cocky, and just narrow minded in general.

British hate Americans just for the fun of it, even though their ignorance is far superior from that of an American.
British person: Heyloo there, are j00 masturbating?
by stevenjd August 09, 2008
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