People with bad teeth who had an expansive empire decades ago, but still think that they own the world. People who, generally look down their noses on everyone and think that they're better than not only you, but everyone else, even their countrymen. English people, more specifically, have a nasty sense of humor, where they insult you while pretending to do so under the guise of humor.
Reputed to have shitty teeth and minuscule penises.
British guy Joke: Hey, you are a total fucking ugly douche, hahaha
#english #teeth #better #humor #penis #empire
by Alicia4u2nv April 17, 2010
Breeding ground for Chavs
Invaded many countries
Reason why the Irish speak English
Known for starting fights over soccer
Depending on which part of Britain they were born they can sound like they have a permanent cold and the letter R is never pronounced
Usually out wandering the streets on a Friday/Saturday night drunk and/or possibly starting a fight
Love to talk about financial matters
Prefer to say 'Mate' in a lot of spoken sentences to friends
British mother: Do ya knoww wehhh ma keys ahhh love?
British daughter: No ah don' mum, sowway!

Gary: Here, do ya 'ave a fag mate?
Anto: Yeah he-ah it is mate
#english #brit #british #britain #r #chavs #soccar #fights #money #finances #greedy
by UBTROLLINMATE11 June 18, 2009
A slightly tilted country, in ways of being good or bad. In a way, they're good, because they've got Manchester. In other ways, they're bad, because they've got London. I hate London, but Manchester and Liverpool are my favorite travel destinations. Well, other than Barbados.
The British aren't that bad.
#london #manchester #liverpool #england #british
by Rainwildman January 22, 2008
British people are often ugly with bad teeth and are very fond of tea.
British women are often fat ugly slobs
Plastered in fake tan.
Guy1: I saw this guy the other day he was ugly with horrible teeth
and his wife was fat and orange!

Guy2: He was probaly british
#british #england #women #uk #ugly #girls
by Yankeydoodle August 12, 2009
(adj) when a person is like or similar to a britt/lesbien.

to be raunchy, ugly, shady, whore.

unable to make facial expressions (smiling, puckering etc)

although britts are technically female, they might as well be men, because the only boys that go for them only lower their standards enough for a britt so they can get "laid"
that guys girlfriend is so british , she is such a man.
#doesntneedabra #sloppy seconds #housneckwhore #fat #ugly #ewww #gauges #slipknot #hardcore #manly #gay
by brittsilcoxisaman May 04, 2009
People that have no friends, assume all Americans are fat and stupid, and speak with an annoying accent that makes me want to shoot myself in the head.
They are not cool, and they think they're better than everyone.
Those god damn British people need to get off urban dictionary, they aren't cool at all.

British Guy:Shut up you bloody wanker
Me:Shut up your a douchebag
#asshole #brit #english #ugly #suck at halo
by mcasanayup April 09, 2009
A person who comes from a strange rain swept island called Britain. It used to be called "The British Isles", and "Great" Britain, but that was before it became a third world country. The British fall into two categories: The Dandy and the Chav. The Dandy is the stereotypical version of a Brit; a haughty and sniffy metrosexualized fop who nibbles on cucumber sammiches with pinky extended while spouting off poetry. Then there is the modern stereotype; the fat, drunk, smelly, toothless, uncircumcised, foul mouthed, shaven headed Chav lout in a dirty soccer shirt ("football" they call it, *snort*). It is mostly the English who are associated with this embarrassing and disgraceful image of the British, and not the Scots (who are usually sleeping off their heroin fix), and the Welsh (who are busy sodomizing farm animals). The Northern Irish don't really know what they are, they just want to drink it or bomb it.
"Wow, did you see that group of fat, drunk, and smelly British tourists get beaten to a pulp by that proud, patriotic, and hygienic American citizen defending his land and his honor from those dirty foreign interlopers?"
#english #scottish #welsh #irish #alcohol
by RonnieTheGreat January 24, 2009
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