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An individual who does not come from Great Britain, and obsesses with British culture, whilst being both ignorant and moronic. Usually a Sherlock fan, and thinks tea is a godsend.
Person 1: Wow, Britain is so great! Man, I want to go to England and drink tea with Benedict Cumberbatch! Wow, British accents! Big Ben! The Royal Family!
Person 2: What about Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland?
Person 1: But that's not part of Britain.
Person 2: You're such a Britaboo.
by nos4r2 February 10, 2014
Like weeaboo , but with the UK.
Reilly: Lucy is always watching shows from the UK.
Dibble: Yeah, and she won't shut the hell up about it either.
Reilly: Do you think she's a britaboo?
Dibble: Probably.
by Psycho-tron April 27, 2015

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