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A sexual act where a man (or woman) engages in fisting with their partner while wearing a wrist-watch.
Steve lost his Rolex inside of Diane while performing a Big Ben on her.
by Robert Sacamano September 28, 2012
A man whore... the clock is ticking down the time until he gets with another girl
He is the stereotypical alpha male in high school.
tick tock, tick tock
watch out -- i hear Big Ben is coming to town
by Sailor Tiff January 16, 2009
Nickname for Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Is said to be one of the most talented quarterbacks in football. He isn't a pretty boy like Manning or Brady. He drinks, drives a motorcycle, and can take hits. He replaced Maddox and lead the Steelers to a 15 - 1 record his first season. The second year he lead the Steelers to winning Superbowl XL. He is the youngest quarterback ever to do so. Recovering from a motorcycle accident, he is overcoming his injuries to show the NFL that the Steelers want Superbowl rings for both hands.
"Big Ben threw another TD."
"What else is new?"
by partyboy69 June 23, 2006
A term used in coversation about sex. If a male lasts for 3 hours he is said to have done a "Big Ben". This originated in Kettering, England when a local home town legend lasted 3 hours in bed.
"I did a Big Ben" said George, Holly replied " Wow you lasted all that time!" . George said" I'm exhausted, I didn't know how i managed it, it had been over a year aswell!" Holly shouted " I'm proud of you George!"

by George Breskal April 27, 2008
verb: to call person particularly an habitually late employee to tell them to get out of bed.
THE BOSS (to secretary): Isn't it time to BIG BEN, Abbie?
by thomas dean February 04, 2013
a guy named benjamin but goes by ben, who loves alliteration and illusions.
girl: Hey ben
boy: It's BIG ben
girl: Haha more like little ben.
by Susan B. Anthony III November 29, 2009
A large analog wrist watch.
person #1: "Hey, What time is it?"
person #2: "Hold on let me look, Big Ben says it 3:45"
by Spencer Burns November 13, 2005
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