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a really really, ridiculously fabulous person.
look at those shoes! a briony would wear those shoes.
by fghbjnkm March 04, 2007
An amazingly wonderful girl, who is so beautiful and smart and funny as hell. Every boy wants to be with her and every girls wants to be her. She is the best friend anyone can have and if you're lucky enough to know one, never let them go.
Woah, that girl is hot, she must be a Briony.
by PommyBtch April 22, 2011
Beautiful, friendly person who is Pauls Bestest Friend(In the Whole World!)
You are a Briony! You are Beautiful and Friendly! You are Pauls Bestest Friend!! In the Whole World! Even Better than Ross haha
by Briony And Paul February 14, 2005
A small girl , who is extremely cute and funny and loves to make youtube videos
look at that cutie, thats defiantly briony!
by ilybriony July 06, 2011
a beautiful girl, who is kind and trustworthy! she is a gun at netball and a babe in general!
wow babe as! yeah that's a briony!
by briiiiiiiony July 11, 2011
Someone who is generally shit at life, examples include being shit at pool, shit at itbox, shit at jokes!! This ability to be shit at life is generally due to high alcohol consumption and lenghtly states of being hungover
i was going to do something with my life today but im doing a briony
by graffhud September 06, 2010
A person who thinks they're pretty/smart/fashionable/the best but they are actually far from it. In short, an idiot.
Person 1: Hey, that girl says she's the prettiest in our school. What a Briony.
by Lady-Loveheart July 04, 2009

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