repeatedly filling an orifice to the brim with penis.
I was totally brimming my girlfriend last night.
by iamaterribleperson October 19, 2009
Top Definition
To have one or more bodily orifices, vaginal, anal or oral, filled with fluid, semen, sexual organs or devices. To be made full and plugged to the point of ecstasy.
Example 1: Carl's girlfriend is such a slut. She loves a good bukkake whereby every hole she has is left Brimming with cum.
Example 2: Roger invited two of his buddies over and gave Carla a thorough pounding. She was plugged in every orifice and she was Brimming with man meat.
Example 3: Carla was a alone and horny. She surfed internet porn while she used several Diddledos including a cucumber, a broom handle and floppy cyber skin cock to fill her love holes and spent an hour Brimming herself online.
by Auna Bender May 08, 2015
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