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v. to spill some kind of thick liquid food such as yoghurt, custard, gravy etc on your clothes

n. the stain resulting from such a spillage
(verb) "Looks like I've brimbled myself again today, look at the splodge of custard on my shirt!"

(noun) "Damn this yoghurt, I've just done a brimble."
by belzebutt March 21, 2008
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verb. To emigrate to Australia
Dan: I've only got a year left of this degree
Matt: What you going to do after it?
Dan: I'm tempted to brimble, the weather is much better is Australia
by FrisbeeK December 07, 2011
when some guy lubes up with bacon grease untill they have pimples all over there penis. then while having intercorse the female or male depending on prefrence squeezes their but cheecks to make the pimple pop coausing a orgasim
U wanna Brimble just give me a few weeks to get ready!
by Ha Hoy May 06, 2007
Brimble is defined as a small fish that lives under rocks and eats cheese. It is the mice of the fish. Thus, someone who is a brimble, can also be called a mouse.
A: Nerd.
B: Brimble.
A: If I'm a brimble, give me some damn cheese!
by NemesisKismet December 18, 2005
a mythical loaf-like crumbly breakfast pastry purported to be popular in vermont and parts of upstate new york. very crusty, so usually eaten with bare hands while hungover.
Kevin: man... I am going to eat the SHIT outta some brimble this morning.
Ryan: Its thursday afternoon, and we live on the west coast. shut up and eat your salmon.
by southbeach May 10, 2007

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