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What Sean Connery called Alex Terbek on Celebrity Jeopardy
"Damn you and your Daily Doubles you Brigand! One day it will be my turn Trebek."
by Tokie G McTokerson July 28, 2006
1. A wondering robber

2. one of the most plentiful enemies in Fire Emblem.
Fire Emblem Starts out with a Teenage girl named Lyndis, whoe's Parents were killed by brigands.
by Light Joker May 04, 2004
Robber/Thief...The most widely known word in the small town of Rutherford, New Jersey, thanks to THAT DUDE WHOM WE ALL LOVE...Mr. Daborn
Mr. Daborn: "Hey! What's a brigand? -__-"

Student: "A robber or a thief!"

Mr. Daborn: "Yeaaaa"

Student: "Yeaaaa"
by Muggman1842 December 13, 2010
too hard to explain
"yo man stop being such a brigand", "your the friggin brigand", "oh madn your THE brigand"
by the friggin brigand June 13, 2003