Bri's are magnificently fascinating, and impeccably complex in the most beautiful way. It's extremely crazy how fast you can be engaged in there silhouette. They have quite an ability to make awkwardness, comfortable in a strange but lively way. It's easy to be captivated by their excitement over The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a funny picture, and/or food. Bri's are incomparable; nothing can come close to Bri. They have distinct mannerisms, which makes you find yourself smiling at, whenever you are near them. You could have the worst case of the blues and Bri's could turn your frown upside down. They can make you chuckle just by the way they look at you. They have an appealing, down to earth personality. They're nothing shy of down right amazing. Bri's make it hard to remember what it was like without them.
Lena: Isn't Brianna such a dork?
Jivana: Yep
by tylerWOLFLOVERposey April 20, 2013
"I know you really well or we're best friends"
MC said "Hey Bri" so she must know him really well
by Bri1988 May 09, 2010
its an abbreviated term (Butt Rape it seems) which was first used in the 21st century by White Bi*ch and instantly became popular among the cool folks. Its used when somebody or something is f**ked or screwed to the highest degree.
England were BRIS in the ODI series.
Kurt Cobain was BRIS out of his brains.
by Road Kill GNV October 25, 2011
-Booze Related Injury, basically covering any injury sustained while intoxicated. A BRI can be anything from a broken limb sustained from a fall to a common cold obtained from spending too much time outside in the outdoors.
"Last Saturday I got drunk and fell down a hill at Poly Canyon so on Monday had to go to the health center to treat a BRI"
by Sequioa April 19, 2010
1. Affectionate term for Bristolin the south west of England.

2. Affectionate term for Bristol Rugby Club.
"I loves the Bris, especially when they're givin' Bath a roight kickin'. C'mon, Bris!"
by Hello It's Me September 25, 2006
1) A crazy bitch that breaks peoples hearts.

2) A type of cheese
1) Man she is being such a bri!

2) I love eating bri
by thelson April 19, 2011
A weasel and snotty nose bitch with a busted ass face and stank ass breath.
Look its a bri running out of its hole on the golf course.
by jones'n July 09, 2011
a penis party! where people come to, basically, admire your penis.
Ah the bliss of a bris, when they all stand and toast, to admire your penis
by Nudist Norman March 19, 2006

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