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an abreviation of the word brethren, manily used in chav and townie cultures this term has a veriety of uses, including pisstaking.
f**king sweet brev!!
by rennaz February 13, 2008
chav word for brother
'sup bro?' 'sapenin brev?
by misssexy! May 08, 2005
The term "Brev" originates from a slightly socially awkward boy in his early twenties.

Some characteristics of a "Brev" are listed below:

•Falling in love with the first girl that texts him back

•Sporting a borderline monobrow

•Slowly gaining weight every time you see them

•Displaying unhealthy levels of attatchement to a partner or apple product, exceeding whipped.

•Someone who consistently at the receiving end of top quality banter

WARNING- avoid being a Brev at all costs
Why are you being such a Brev?

Why are you such a Brev all the time?

You look like a Brev.

I have no respect for you, you're such a Brev.
by 191otleyroad November 21, 2013
short for abbreviation
to save time, brev your words
by _Kayt_ January 24, 2006