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very small breasts. usually found with some suprise amidst wads of kleenex used to pad a brassiere in order to give the illusion of ample breastage.
good god! where are your breasts? all I can find are these bresticals!
by gib January 20, 2004
When one's breasts sag down to equivalent positioning of a man's testicles
her tits look like bresticals!
by kiki kiedis May 16, 2005
titties, tits, boobs
shes got huge bresticals
by doughboys July 16, 2006
When a man's testicals are like the size of a womans breast. This is not a good thing. They are normaly really fucked.
Bob has bresticals
by friend of Jesus, I live in Tokyo September 29, 2003