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Bref is a derogatory term used to describe a white Australian male or female of convict origins sent from the United Kingdom. It also refers to any pasty white Australians who have no idea where they originate from. Bref does not refer to Australian citizens whose background does not originate from the UK: eg. Greek, Italian, Serbian.
Look at that stinky Bref across the street!
Too many Brefs spoil the Glendi!
Brefs didnt build Australia, the wogs did!
by ozymandius2000 February 26, 2008
1. to breathe

2. Act done by de mama qui
You do de bref mama qui? AI WHY YOOH NO DO DE BREF. MAMA QUI YOU HAVE TO DO DE BREF OR ELSE YOOH NO MO. ustupid. goobai.
by Miyamanses April 11, 2008
A surfer dude, usually with long unkempt hair and chilled out. Loves to get in the waves
He's such a bref
by clownprince February 04, 2015
when some one is telling a lies
when the broz drunk hes talks alot of bref

talks alot of lies

(lie) (fib) (lying) (talking shit)
by strizz boogie March 05, 2016
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