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A concrete block used for building. Often rectangular with two holes cut out to reduce weight & run supports through. Cheap buildings can be made entirely out of them, but it looks 3rd world.

breezeblock is the UK word for it

Called "cinderblocks" in North America

Called "besser" blocks in Australia
Building a house out of breezeblocks.
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by Wharpull September 10, 2012
1) A large, cheap, concrete block, used for constructing poor quality buildings.

2) A heavy chunk of rock or concrete, very useful for humourously dropping on innocent bystanders from great hights.

3) Used in the phrase "Shitting a breezeblock" used when in great fear or frustration, usually greater than when "shitting a brick."
1) The ACME Building and Co. truck was filled to the brim with breezeblocks.

2) In their trampiness, some tramps dropped a breezeblock from the bridge onto a passing car.

3) After discovering the CIA were after him, John was shitting a breezeblock.
by Mooke carver February 08, 2004
n. A breeze block is a concrete block made with a blend of concrete and ash but in some regions of the world, concrete blocks are referred generically as “breeze blocks,” whether or not ash is blended with them. These blocks can be used in a variety of construction projects and tasks.
"Then you came with your breeze blocks, smashing up my face like a bus stop."

From, Missile by IAMX
#breeze #blocks #block #iamx #missile
by Miss.Devine October 01, 2009
Reebok Stadium. where BWFC plays there home games.
eh up, goin down t' breezeblock 't watch wanderers?
#breeze block #bwfc #wanderers #bolton #boltonian
by one_and_only November 19, 2007
It means like a brick but a weak one that is poor quality.
His house was made up of breezeblocks.

Damn G, I just shit a breezeblock.
*a group of 5 fat boys laugh inserted here*
by DC-Lance February 10, 2004
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