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Celtic football ground
Celtic park (parkhead) is in such a state it is called the piggery
by broxibear August 28, 2009
Celtic Park Glasgow so called Breezeblock towers because they built it on the cheap and it is noted that it will fall down around the yrear 2010
we are playing celtic at breezeblock towers today
by broxibear September 20, 2009
This means a Bigotted supporter of Glasgow Celtic the person is usually Of Irish decent or they claim to be even when they are not.They are of Roman catholic religion and hate any oter religion and dont want anybody else to run there club that isnt Celtic minded
Gordon strachan get him out of our club because he isn't Celtic minded
by broxibear September 21, 2009
a word made up by the dim witted Celtic supporters to try and undermine Rangers a football team that is conciderably better than the Celtic football team.
They use it to say that we are always raging but it is indeed them that are always seething with temper that if they lose a game they are always saying that it was the referee's fault and he was out to get then.
It has been know for Celtic fans to pay private detectives to follow referes to see where they go and also for the fans to throw bricks through Ref's windows and threaten there family
Haw we can deflect we are bitter by saying rangers are in permarage
by broxibear September 21, 2009
Second best team in Scotland who strive to be as good as there Rivals Glasgow Rangers but never can or will
They are supported by Tattie munchen tarriers also known as the great unwashed.
They ( there supporters) are usually People who scrounge off the Department of social security as they are lazy and dont work hence the nickname for the stadium " The San Giro"
Look at that dirty smelly tarrier at the celtic football club end
by broxibear August 29, 2009
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