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breast implants, often silicon or saline. It should be performed by a plastic surgeon who is approved by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
I got breast implants and my figure has completely changed!
by elenitn July 30, 2008
53 20
Airbags for women
Doctor: I'm Sorry, but your wife was in a car crash
Man: But she has no injuries
Doctor: Well if it wasn't for her breast implants she'd be dead
by KillTheDead April 16, 2010
36 9
n. boob enhancer, melon ripener
the hooker got breast implants to brighten her career
by Scibby dibby doo April 06, 2003
43 20
Anna Nicole.
Boy: Wow your boobs are like.. Anna Nicole's.. *shudder*
Girl: Sorry. I just couldn't help myself.
by Where's Omar? January 11, 2004
47 38