When you wake up your partner or lover after a long pleasurable night of sex by inserting your penis roughly into their anus after masturbating previously to the point of ejaculation. As she turns around to yell at you, "WTF," you blow your load into her mouth.
My fiancée asked me last night to bring her breakfast in bed in the morning after we got done making love. I'm not normally the type for sentimental stuff. Little did she know, she was in for a treat.
by Timmy, Josh, Branden, Taven March 02, 2011
The delicious scrambled eggs you wake up to after using egg whites as lube.
Following a passionate and well lubricated night, Tom was looking forward to having breakfast in bed.
by ilovemycremasterfascia January 19, 2012
Sex in the AM.
I'm feeling kinda kinky baby...get up so I can give you some breakfast in bed.
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
Defecating on your partner in the morning after a night of sleeping and sexual relations together

First popularized by Cap and D-Dog (the word not the action) in Seattle
Gonna Surprise Laya with some breakfast in bed
by Scatcap September 02, 2007
a swallowed blowjob from a morning glory
I gave her breakfast in bed at 4 a.m.
by Jake February 28, 2004
To defecate on another's face as they sleep.
"That breakfast in bed was served piping hot!"
by IcerX August 17, 2009
When a girl is passed out from drinking and a guy starts jacking off in the morning, jumps on the bed, shakes it to wake the girl up, and skeets all over her face.
After getting shitfaced the night before, Mary was passed out from drinking. Jack decided to surprise her by serving some breakfast in bed.
by E&A January 29, 2006

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