To beat, or kill.
Breaking niggas for showing, sucker niggas better know me.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
Going to smoke a joint
"Hey you wanna go for break?"
by Hailie April 04, 2003
A 2 player game where the point is to "break" your opponents pencil. Heres how it's played: One individual holds a pencil horizantally at each end while the other player forcibly snaps their pencil down in attempt to break the horizontal pencil. The benefit of this game is simple. Usually, its just the personal satisfaction of having broke a pencil with another pencil.
"I'll smoke your ass in breaks!"
by Chris January 27, 2005
Synonym of cum (ejaculate)
He got his break all over my shirt
by Cheezees July 02, 2005
Have time away from bf or gf to "bang" other people
I just need a break from you

Next day bangs friend
by EpicShadow21 January 03, 2015
A break is something that happens when a person in the relationship tries really hard to make sure the other person is loved and happy while they are being treated poorly as if they have no feelings or deserve happiness back, examples being ALWAYS BEING LATE to dates, hang outs, parties, etc., ignoring you, ditching your plans because you have to do "better things" (Like a drug deal... okay), leaving you alone at a party even though they drove you and your MOM had to come get you (but it was a birthday party), and many other instances. So the hurt one tells the other they need a break for them to figure out their shit and see if they actually want to be in a relationship or not, because so far it was only one sides.
Wow, look at this cute date i have planned for my boyfriend. Oh jk, he isn't coming because he slept in and then went and hung out with his friends instead.

"Hey babe we are in a break because you obviously don't care about my feelings and unless you get your shit together then we are not gonna be together anymore, k cool bye."
by sassychey3 December 08, 2014

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