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A Break when your girlfriend thinks that she needs time away to sort things out. Which is total and utter bullshit. It really means she is too scared to get serious and she just wants to show her ass and whore herself to as many dudes as possible cuz she's just like that and she swears thats not the case but you later find out that while your just jerkin off, she makin out with other dudes. Then you realize you don't need this shit and you grab ur balls or whats left of them and tell her that we should just be friends(really means you broke my heart you dirty bitch now you will play my game) and when you do break it off she will say thats sucks and feel really stupid and blow ur phone up and she will ask you why u cant it be the same like it was and u say NO POCKET BULLSHIT and get back ur swagger and then you ask for your gifts back cuz she's got a new man and she will get so pissed and you say you don't want her mind to stray like it did when we where together and she will be really mad and thats what she gets and she will realize she lost one. and tell her ur not one of many.
Perfect Example:
She might write u cuz she can't face u cuz she knows she wrong: but read on

So I just wanted to write you to tell you that I still like you but I think we should take a break. Everything we talk about is still true but I think I need some time to get myself together before I got to serious because at first I wanted to jump right in but now I think I want to not jump into a serious relationship just yet. So we should still talk and stuff, I hope you can somehow somewhat understand where I’m coming from and not like throw me out completely, like its just a break you know? Like I don’t want to like give up, so YEAH. I think you know how I feel and you know I’d do this so I hope you wont be mad and you’ll understand. Please call me.

And that came from my ex ^^^
by Ripped azz Nigga January 27, 2007

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