To take a break from your b/f or g/f
i think we need to take a break and see other people
by ashleigh April 04, 2004
1. A style of music.
2. A surf spot.
1. "There's a sick breaks, hip-hop and drum and bass party this weekend we should go to."
2. "You should surf some Australian breaks if you want to get any good at this sport."
by Diego Blunt August 10, 2003
When a girl or guy wants to take a "break" from the relationship to go off and hook up with other people, but then still wants you to be there because you are the "One" and blah blah blah.. So in short, they break up to mess around with the intentions of getting back together..
Girl: I think we need to go on a break, meet new people and stuff, and then out relationship will be stronger.."

Boy: (sobbing) What?!

*** girl hooks up with a couple of his friends, realizes she's a dumbass and goes back ***

Girl: Baby, I miss you and I'm stupid..

** they get back together and someone ends up cheating on the other
by siwel1102 December 04, 2011
Celibacy until a couple can get back together. When your long distance relationship is not working out, you take a break, meaning that you talk about the same amount, see each other the same amount, and have the same amount of sex. Basically the same thing as a normal long distance relationship!
My long distance girlfriend says we should take a break. Now that we are on a "break", she doesnt want me to see other girls, and she calls me just as much. She doesnt want me to go out because I might meet other girls. WTF?
by Pissoffandconfused1 February 16, 2010
A nice way to dump someone without hurting their feelings.
I like you but I don't want to be dating you right now, let's take a break.
by reallyseriously October 22, 2010
When you or sombody else is about to leave. (future tense of broke)
Guy 1:Hey man I think she's about to break.
Guy 2:Yea the we should break too so we don't look stupid.
by Anthos August 01, 2006
Too run or leave quickly
Man im bout to break.
by Crashoverride October 04, 2003

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