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going down on someone and making them cum..
coming to break you off..
by anonymous October 22, 2003
618 153
To smoke someone out for the purpose of getting them extremely high. Similar to trying to get a girl super drunk. May, but is not sure to, lead to a different form of breaking someone off aka sexy time.
I'm trynnabreak you off later
You should let me break you off
by LadyLaughLotz January 23, 2012
77 93
To have sex with someone you are not emotionally attached to.
guy 1: I'm heading over to the jump off
guy 2: that bitch break you off yet?
guy 1: yeah, i got that ho on lock
by JPeezy1 July 13, 2009
149 181
for a girl to fuck a guy very hard,
by anonymous February 11, 2003
242 321
To make George W. Bush your bitch.
I am going to break you off Mr. President!
by Brian October 05, 2004
128 409