Used as slang for I'll "Be Right Back", hence the B.R.B.
"Hey Man, what's up?"
"Not much, wbu?"
"Hey, B.R.B., ok?"
by fbibauwannabe August 16, 2011
Most would imagine the BRB would be an acronym for "be right back" which in some cases is correct, however those on Exeweb would associate BRB as being someone who is a boring cunt that constantly moans.
Mike: I dont fancy going City today because the atmosphere will be shit and I'm fed up of Tisdale's negative tactics. Oh, and they an out of Bovril last week and the Pasties are abysmal.

Jeff: Oh come on Mike, stop being a BRB.
by Not a multi May 24, 2011
When you are dont want to talk to someone via (internet), you simply write (BRB) and you dont have to.
(Kate):Hey how you going!
(John):soz (brb).

(Megan fox): Hey lets hook up
Me: soz (brb).
by mc shagger October 20, 2010
A creepy guy (or woman, but usually a man) whos name starts with a b, who would be capable of butt raping someone.
If there is someone you know ie. bob, you can call them brb, which means butt raper bob, this word can be changed around to fit the persons name ie. brd could be butt raper dave, or dan.
by funk master of freshness March 11, 2010
Body Roll Buddy: One who your "body" rolls with on the dance floor or in bed.
Person 1 - Yo, who's he been dancing with all night
Person 2 - Oh, didn't you hear? That's his B.R.B. Ya know... his Body Roll Buddy
by Rho Inmate 70 June 30, 2009
Buckling-Restrained Brace, or a structural brace that is part of a system to keep a building up in an earthquake.
The architect likes the look of the BRB brace in the window.
by ngnr February 09, 2010
Short for "be right back," aka "I don't want to fucking speak with you" which people usually say when someone they dislike start chatting with them and they want to get rid of this annoying person.
"Haaai, how r u 2day guuurlfrend?"

-"Hey I'm good, sorry I'll brb."
by KinkyxBitchx September 13, 2012

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