Big Round Boobs
Wow look at her BRB's!!!
#boobs #big #round #huge #amazing
by RawrRawrRawr666 September 24, 2010
BRB Is A Word That Lazy Idiots Who Talk To Smarter Child On MSN Messenger When They Are Gonna Take A Dump Because They Cannot Type Right Because Everyone On MSN Messenger Is A Fat Prick
SuChAcOoLUsErNaMe632:BRB dude.Gotta dump
SmarterChild:I dont understand you.
#im #shit #omg #bbq #uuu
by UXD2 April 12, 2009
Brazos River Bottom, Houston's Gay Country & Western Dance Club - more commonly known as the BRB.
A night club for gay cowboys and cowgirls. Has one of the nicest dance floors in Houston.
The BRB was named the second best gay country western bar in the nation by!
You goin to the BRB tonight?
#gay bar #gay club #gay dancing #gay cowboys #gay cowgirls
by TPBj July 31, 2006
means be right back. And what loser pays to use AOL? Damn Bizzle, you guys dumb.
brb, gotta eat crap
by ceuillez April 24, 2003
BRB has many different defenitions
1.Bathroom Break
2.Bitch Rite Back
3.Be Right Back
& mor
1.Chat Room
LUiS15:damn I gotta take da iLL dump.BRB.damn dat waz big.
MEGAN:eww...daz HOT.LOL.
2.Other Chat Room
ERiKA:Hei.Laura.Wat r yu duin
(5 MiN. Later)
3.Another Chat Room
MICHELLE:Hei Jordan.
MICHELLE:Oh.Hold on BRB.Mi mom is calling mi
#brb #be right back #dump #hoe #slut
by RAiSSA February 08, 2007
code word for playing with ones self
i put a sign on my door when i am brbing.
#masterbation #playing #brbing #plays #fun
by _Trixy_ December 08, 2006
Sometimes followed by a gerund and an indefinite article in order to represent an action.
brb eating a beef casserole
by Travis February 19, 2005
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