He is a guy who you meet at a party, and think is super hott. But then once you start talking to him, you realize that he is more than just a "hott guy." Then you'll fall completely in love with him, and be head over heels in love. You'll do anything for him.. and when he disrespects you more than any other guy has before, and your hurt beyond comprehension, you'll still love him, and do anything for him.. And after more than a year of putting up with his dumb shit, you'll STILL be in love with him.. and you'll try to ignore him, and all his BS he carries on with, but it never works, because all you want is to be happy with him, even though you have been put through hell being with him... but it breaks your heart to realize that he doesnt know how to have a real relationship, and it will never work out. And the most heart breaking thing about him, is realizing that he is happier without you, even though he is a complete douche bag sometimes, and all you wanna do is punch him in the face. but regardless your still sitting here.... in love. :'(
Best friend: Why do you put up with Brant?
Girl in love: Because he is MY Prince Charming <3 and i love Brant with all my broken heart.
by Princess Turdin June 18, 2011
Boy who thinks he's a metal God.

Thinks he is all knowing musically. Will commonly argue on social networking sites about how 'core is the worst thing to happen to music ever'.
Usually has piercings, wears big black boots and is a stoner.
Normally found in attics with his scene girlfriend.
''Did you see Jimmy fighting over Facebook last night''
''Yeah, Jimmy was being a right Brant''
by Pukkablues May 06, 2013
Comes off nice at first. In reality arrogant selfish manboy full of crap. Often talks out of his butt hole. Probably won't ever grow up.
After visiting with Brant my IQ went down and I started barfing.
by truth2014 September 05, 2014
a word that can be twisted to whatever meaning you want.
God, isnt alice such a brant bitch?
by sophie kendall May 21, 2003
Usually a very queer person, talks to self often, and thinks of suicide most of the day. He also repeats things that are said to him; a human echo.
Guy 1:You see that Brant in the corner of the room?

Guy 2: What a fucking Brant....
by ThehighschoolerPAHS November 09, 2010
US mil. Personnel adhering to dated engineering concepts. Brants are the embodiment of the "if it aint broken, don't try and fix it" maxim. Believed to be shortened form of Brantwood US Army Transportation Depot, AZ.
"The Bradley? One hell of a fighting vehicle but the transmission musta been put together by the brant squad."
by Jon May 12, 2004
a realy sweet dude who does the best animations ever go to, brantindustries.cjb.net
:P poop poop poop
by poopie November 23, 2003

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