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A freak of nature born with actual scorpion-lips, making him unable to enunciate many words coherently.
Bill: Hey, Scorpion Lips, how old are you?

Scorpion Lips: I'm sevfentends.

Bill: You're seventeen??

Scorpion Lips: No! I said I'm sevfentends.

Bill. You're seventy??

Scorpion Lips: No!
by TheCreep1 February 22, 2011
1. <noun> A usually woolen, winter-hat, or hat-like object, used to force completely over a person's head & face, often when they are unsuspecting for the purposes of annoyance, & embarrassment..

2. <verb> The act of leaping into the air, & planting a usually woolen winter-hat over a person's head & face with great force when reaching the ground, all the while screaming "BRANT!"

Note: In order for a true 'Brant' to be accomplished, one must bring about the following:

1. The Brant-hat MUST be pulled down over the victim's face past their nose in order to be deemed a true Brant.

2. The Branter must scream "BRANT!" while forcing the Brant-hat over the victim's face.
That rotten, yellow bastard Branted me at the premiere of the new Star Wars film, in front of 300 people!
by TheCreep1 November 22, 2010

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