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An intricate, potentially thorny situation
Simple remark bramble may ramble on indefinitely, definitely!
by Hercolena Oliver April 20, 2009
1. A bumbler, fool, or idiot.

2. A man who engages in oral sex with women with smelly vaginas.

3. A man who eats out of garbage dumpsters, even when he can afford a restaurant meal.
Jason may have graduated at the top of his class, but he will always be a genuine bramble. Just look at him eat his snot.
by jimbobobster August 20, 2009
weeeeeeeeeeeeed; marajuana; the plant of God
fool lemme hit that bramble!
by carlieeeeee September 09, 2006
An entanglement of objects, most commonly branches
Me: Theres a fucking rabbit in that yonder bramble
Rim Jobbins: Hey Hunter
Me: Yes Coach
Rim Jobbins: Shut up
by TheRealDingus May 06, 2007
The unsightly hair on the back of ones neck.
This guy could of used a weed-eater to trim his brambles.
by Jeff Miller October 04, 2003