1. (n) A threat by your girlfriend to be punched in the a**hole.

2. (v) To be punched in the a**hole by your girlfriend
Dude, she was so pissed last night, he totally got brambled.
by kd768 March 26, 2011
An intricate, potentially thorny situation
Simple remark bramble may ramble on indefinitely, definitely!
by Hercolena Oliver April 20, 2009
1. A bumbler, fool, or idiot.

2. A man who engages in oral sex with women with smelly vaginas.

3. A man who eats out of garbage dumpsters, even when he can afford a restaurant meal.
Jason may have graduated at the top of his class, but he will always be a genuine bramble. Just look at him eat his snot.
by jimbobobster August 20, 2009
weeeeeeeeeeeeed; marajuana; the plant of God
fool lemme hit that bramble!
by carlieeeeee September 09, 2006
An entanglement of objects, most commonly branches
Me: Theres a fucking rabbit in that yonder bramble
Rim Jobbins: Hey Hunter
Me: Yes Coach
Rim Jobbins: Shut up
by TheRealDingus May 06, 2007
The unsightly hair on the back of ones neck.
This guy could of used a weed-eater to trim his brambles.
by Jeff Miller October 04, 2003
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