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bralette are like sports bras fancy cousin that thinks that bc she married rich she can forget her humble begginings like Brenda u fuck ur still a bra act like it
Brenda: omg look at my bralette
Susan: its a fucking decorative clothe fuck off brenda
Brenda: atleast i dont look like a fucking camel susan.
by Susan :) May 28, 2016
A bralette is a bra without molded cups or wires that provide a reasonable amount of support for small- breasted females. They may be thin and lightweight but they are sexy as hell and extremely elegant.
Taylor: "I bought this cute bralette yesterday."
Jen: "Wow, that looks amazing"
Taylor: "I finally can wear something that gives support yet makes my itty bitty titties look amazing!"
by whyyyyyy June 08, 2016
A bra for little 7/8/9/10 even 11 year old sluts who decide ''Mommy I have big cocounts, buy me a padded bra?!!"
and Mommy thinks "I'll buy her a bralette".
And they then walk around like their all that in their bralettes which hold nothing anyways.
Samantha - Like hey Lara and Stelle! OMG Mom so totally bought me a BRALETTE today cos my hump is sooo gettin big.
Stelle - Well guess what gurlz mom bought me a PADDED BRA
Lara&Samantha- -GASP- LUCKEEEEEEEEE!!!
by SlutBlaster2000 January 24, 2007
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