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the opponent is set up for the suplex but is reversed and is slammed underneath the attacker's arm, crushing the head/upper back
brainbuster hit! ouch
by tony December 29, 2003
a variation of the Angry Dragon. While a woman is performing oral sex on you you plug her nose while you spoolge in her mouth if done correctly it may shoot out her ears. Warning may cause retardation.
Yeah a hated that bitch, I gave her a brain buster and now she's in a coma.
by Ryan (squeak) March 30, 2005
When you nail a chick from behind and pull out just as you cum, ejaculating into your hand, and then slapping her in the ear with it.
"Dumb bitch actually believed she was going to get away from me without cum on her face. I gave her a brain buster for complaining."
by Croi Dhubh January 26, 2010

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