A hefty chunk of muscle & tissue that, over time, accumulation in your cranium. A large percentage of a certain anonymous school lacks this potentially deadly weapon called a brain. Brains come in many different shapes and colours but below is a short factual story about a boy, with a brain too big for his own good.

The master of all that is brain and over lord of his palace of coolitude is a extravagant individual of pure intelligence. His servants, Adam, Ben & Adrian residing forever by his side kept well under cover the true capability of his brain. His rough, pale skin and constant hyperventilation does not reflect the many ways in which this personality can be described in a word… cool. In the year 1990 a red headed woman, her energetic daughter and her specialized hairdressing other half, entered a substantially well built hospital in southern Mansfield just past the border to Sutton-in-Ashfield. As the family entered the ward a tense atmosphere rose as an abundance of collected ward nurses dropped their clipboards and dashed towards the struggling woman. They entered the theatre. A few hours after, exiting through two large main doors of the childbirth wing, immerged a family of 4. Thus a new era of righteousness was upon us. A new way of life was about to become reality. A path in which we could all follow was clearing. It was the birth of Shane.
XXX- Look its Shane.
YYY- Goddamn hes so... intelectual. I can almost feel his brains working from here.
XXX- Should we ask home about homework?
YYY- YOU CANT JUST WALK UP TO SHANE AND TALK TO HIM! Look theres Adam. We'll ask him to talk to shane for us.
by TOMMEE June 02, 2006
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Top Definition
Another word for head, or blowjob. This term is most appropriate however, because unfortuantley, most male brains reside in their penile regions
"That girl has a foot long tongue, I bet she gives great brain!"
by Rae Rae March 23, 2005
to give a deep throat blow job they say its so deep it hits the brain
yo last night that fine lookin thang thang gave me the most greatest brain ever
by V1bez February 21, 2005
Another term for getting head.
if this girl doesn't give me brians 2nite im dropin her.
by carly January 26, 2003
oral sex:head, blow job
mama give give me that brain
-lil wane fireman

mama give me that wooo like shes a brain donor
-ginuine hell yeah
by japizzle March 21, 2006
oral sex

a slang term coined from the fact that head = brain.
'They call me the scarecrow, cuz I'm lookin' for some brain' - Nick gotta Cannon
by Johnny Twoguns August 13, 2004
Oral sex
I'm getting brains right now-call back later....
by playnpimpnballer September 13, 2003
the newest "form" as of 06' to define giving head (blowjob)
"you know you give good brain, like you graduated from a good school"
by pmiller January 15, 2007

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