A term of affection used between males with fraternal bonds; brother, comrade.
Brah, you'd better stop picking your nose in front of Mr. Neidhart.

My brah Dennis Dubay is a real winner in life.

Brahs don't shake... brahs gotta hug!
by Tarrasque November 18, 2002
Possbily the most annoying term that stupid college/high school guys use to talk to their friends. Its slang for bro which is short for brother. Neither of either the latter need any abreviation or slang because they're stupid terms to refer to a freind to begin with.
Frat boy 1: Yo brah dude bro you goin to the party brah?
Frat boy 2: Only if you and all my other dude brahs are there bro.
Frat boy 1: Sweet brah I'm gunna get krunk dude.
Observer with IQ greater than 4: Um try speaking english morons.
by Feltron November 03, 2007
Slang term meaning 'brother' that is part of New Orleans area slang, in the same vein as 'Where 'yat?" Used as a greeting.
Where 'yat, brah?

Say, brah, where you went to school at?/I went to Brother Martin, brah.
by Joey Gaudet March 09, 2008
Something black people say to draw another persons attention
Hey brah! You still with your shorty
by BIGMATTA February 05, 2010
Brah is a word used to describe the coolest chick around, Kim.
Hey Brahhhh

Red White or Brahhhhhh
by dbizzleandtherippers November 07, 2010
something that holds up womans breastical area; cooler way to say 'bro'
1)pompy thinks a brah is something that holds up his boobs.
2)Brooke is my home brah.
by Julia Pem November 18, 2007
a word that comes from the word Prah from the punjabi language spoken in northern india.

prah means brother
hey prah!

hey man. did u c all the white crackers using our words now, like brah?

yeah and they dont even know where its from. noobs
by singher23 November 16, 2009
Word meaning "bro" that was picked up by tourists who visited hawaii. Often said toward females when said as "brah"
Hey brah, did you hear that new song?
by Killzer August 25, 2009

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