Word meaning "bro" that was picked up by tourists who visited hawaii. Often said toward females when said as "brah"
Hey brah, did you hear that new song?
by Killzer August 25, 2009
slang term, basically meaning 'friend,' 'bud,' 'dude,' 'bro,' etc...

commonly used amongst stereotypical male surfers/skimmers/etc...

*take the below conversation as an example.
boy 1: "sup brah, how's the surf lookin?"

boy 2: "shit brah, it's gnarly as fuck out there today"

boy 1: "damn! well let's waste away blazin' then"

boy 2: "true"
by ... April 14, 2005
A term used by Frat idiots and most others acquainted with Frats and sport buffs. Most commonly spotted; white males that wear white college hats that say funny mascots on them, often worn backwards. You can spot them at parties, usually wearing a greek letter on a T-shirt and drinking natural light beer, yelling loudly and accompanied by retarded soroity girls also blabbing. Stoners & Tweakers have been known to use this term too
Sup Brahhhhh!
Nothin' dude! Sup with you Brahhhhh!
Duuuuude I just smoked this blunt Brahhhh!
Yeahhhh Brah Doggggg!
Fuuuucccckkkk Yeahhhhh!! Gimmie another beer Brahhhhhh! Yeahhhh Go Texas Dude Brahh!
by greeklifeblowsknob! January 17, 2005
Variation of the shortening, "Bro," which is an abbreviation of the word, "brother." However, it does not have to be restricted to a blood-related brother. It an be used instead of an actual name. It is commonly used among surfers.
Squanto:Wsup brah?
Minjo:Nothing homie.
by spitfire61916 March 16, 2006
term used by island illiterates who are unable to spell and sound out the letters of "brother" "brosef" "friend" or "goodbye, dana." Will get you grilled like a george foreman in the mainland if it is preceded by "shooties" and followed by a thousand queer exclamation marks. SHOULD NOT BE USED TO ADDRESS GIRLS
James: "aww i g2g those dishes arent gonna do themselves, shooties brah!!!!!"

James: "i know that i lose more of my manhood each and every time i address you this way, but i can't stop: shooties brah laterz!"

by dclap April 01, 2007
Verbal abbreviation of 'brother'; generally used to address a male friend or acquaintence. Most likely derived from the "pidgin English" spoken by descendents of African slaves brought to the Carribean islands between 1492 and 1885.
"Hey, brah! Where y'at?"
by Paul Caporino September 14, 2006
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