A word that is used by British chav Pakistanis who think they are Bronx gangsters!
Yo wots appenin 'brah'
yeh, come bum me my brah
ok brah bend over in Oldham
by marksilver222 November 27, 2013
exclamatory comment when the person in front of you decides to give up on the team
seat one : no paddle no more

seat two: brah!
by Sotoot March 04, 2011
Noun. a greeting or welcoming amongst surfers
Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Brah?
by mianus123 March 26, 2013
Some Xat thing someone started saying to be cool and what not.

Started with one guy, then its up to a lot of people.
Me: That's really cool, brah'

Him: I know, right brah'
by WifiTom December 12, 2011
a slag word for bro,homie...ect
yo sup brahh
by hjhwrestler110 October 15, 2008
Another word for bro.

Popularized by Duane "Dog" Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter and parodied by Eric Cartman in South Park

"Where's your hallpass brah?"

by Rosannahhhhhh July 30, 2008
The Hawaiian equivalent of "Bro".....much cooler. Usually used amongst females.
You got flow brah.

Sup brah
by Ultimate brah October 21, 2010

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