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a large city in the north of portugal, home of the best soccer team in Europe and possibly the world, S.C Braga.
I went to Braga to see Braga play and Braga beat Benfica 3-0.
by Tina da Silva February 05, 2006
girls underwear.. yeah it means panties in spanish
-Hey chica puedo ver tus bragas, pon tus piernas juntas
-Hey girl i can see your panties, put your legs togehter
by Xiie March 31, 2008
Its the name of a bridge in Massachusetts where the Big Mamie is docked. Some say the Braga Bridge is the longest bridge in history because it connects Fall River, MA to the country of Portugal. (get it? Fall River is populated by a bunch of Pawchageese People)
yeah so I was comin down 195, ovah the Braga, and alls I could smell was chourico and fava beans at Vovo's house.
by Parker's mom February 07, 2006
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