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amazing hottie whos a great friend and is a master in football
omg he is so a braedan !
by esme72 August 21, 2009
A word used to describe an incredibly sexy male who is secretly smart and possesses the most masculine yet attractive and desirable traits to women and men.
His genuine personality and charm is the reason for his instant popularity wherever he goes. As sweet as his personality is, he still is a bit of a bad ass who gives amazing oral sex, and really knows how to have fun in bed ;)
He is funny, romantic, giving, sweet, and is insanely gorgeous/sexy/hot, and has the most gorgeous eyes a girl will ever see.
He is the model man.
Amy: How's your relationship with Darren going?
Cassandra: Omg, he is the most perfect, most romantic and sweetest boyfriend out there.
Amy: Lucky you! He sounds like such a Braedan. Then he must give mind-blowing oral sex too!
Cassandra: Oh ya! ;)
by sexybitchess;) June 27, 2010
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