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(Verb) To attempt to screw someone by offering them a highly disadvantageous exchange.
Yo dawg, I'm going to brad this guy by offering him $50 for his brand new Ferrari.

Would I be brading you if I offered you an RB3 for your QB1?
by Notch Johnson Esquire October 03, 2012
A white boy grown on black culture, who cannot and doesn't discriminate on colour. He was raised with minimal contact with his parents who make little attempt to connect with their son due to their pre occupation with their own lives. Often described as whack, cracker, or played out, the B- Rad is misunderstood by both white and black communities. He is an outcast by his family who believes he should "act white" rather than be himself, while the black community he "emulates" considers him a poser. In truth he is what he is, with a PhD (Poser Hater Degree).
It's b rad, Brad is my slave name...
by Tha MAZire September 17, 2007
1. To Be Radical, 2. A person called Brad who can be quite radical.
"Yea man if we all hit that gig it will b-rad!"
by J Barr June 07, 2007
Unbeilevable studly male. Curly hair but not an afro. Likes to eat food, but yet remains slim. Also a nickname for a big weiner.
Dang dude that guy's brad looked like a black guys!
by justkiddin April 27, 2005
A real cute boy with big holes in his ears. He is a great boyfriend, and is good with his mouth ;] he acts like a little kid, and likes boobies and butts, but only mine. He is a great kisser and doesnt like kissing girls named Megan who eat his face and choke him with there there tongue.
It must have been a Brad
by neat_o July 02, 2010
A very large house-centipede, who typically lives in basements and feeds on spare bread crumbs. Brads LOVE to party, and just hang out! They have very long legs, and brown hair. They can be fun-loving and kind, but don't get on their bad side! Brads are known to infect their enemies with fibromyalgia.
"Hey! Look! there goes Brad!"

"Oh no, I saw a Brad the other night"

Doctor: "I think you may have a condition called fibromyalgia.."
Patient: "I never should have crossed that Brad!"
by fibromyalgiagirl February 05, 2010
A guy who is unpredictable, loud, and politically incorrect. Most find him to be both obnoxious and irresistibly charming. Term mostly used in the central coast of California, USA.
Oh MAN! I can't believe what that Brad just said!
by Houdicat February 04, 2010
The words bro and rad mixed together
Dude that truck is so brad
by braduser November 18, 2010