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n. def. a slang term for ejaculatory fluid. Derived from the yiddish term 'bracheal' meaning "that which becomes stickier as it dries." Term was recently conceived (heh heh) and popularized by a local media figure named Chace Ambrose and his minions.
"Wow!! That chick has brackle all over her face!! Wehn she smiles it makes the brackle crackle!!"
by Evil Pookie January 14, 2006
The dark colored freckles that are on people with dark skin.
Morgan Freeman sure has a lot of brackles.
by Xander756 October 21, 2007
Crack cocaine generally smoked in a bracklepipe
"Do pass me the Brackle old boy..or I'll fookin' kill you."
by Triffid June 09, 2005
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