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Deriving from "Olde English", means to be the top of everything. to have it as a name would mean that person exceeds in execelence.
Kid A: Who's that?
Kid B: Thats Chace, He's the MAN!!
by J.Chace March 30, 2009
A guy who has intentions in life and knows who he is. He's very confident and isn't two face. He's nice to everyone, unless your mean to him. he's a guy who understands you and yet doesnt judge you. He's got a killer smilee not to mention hes got the looks that attracts every girl. His sence of humor will always enlighten someones day. Chace is everyones friend and everyone whos a firnd of him is lucky.
chace is a great firiend
by tink12345 March 19, 2011
A male name that is not very common.
1 = What is a unique name for a baby boy?

2 = "Chace" is a very unique name.
by Houzi March 10, 2009
Chace is the name for the best kid you will know, He's fun to talk to and will listen to anything you have to say and will make you laugh your hardest. He falls off his stool on webcam. if your having a bad day he'll try to make you feel better with his randomness and make you laugh the best he can. Chace is honestly the best person you'll ever met. Even if he's having a down day he'll try to make you feel better rather himself. Chace is my best friend, if you know a chace, you'd know what i mean. Chace also has a big dick that he will send you pictures of randomly and unexpectedly.
Chace: *sprays you with waterhose*
Chace: poodlez.

tonya: what?
chace: nipplez.
by ITrippBalls August 20, 2011
Chace is an anoying little piece of crap!!!!
At my new school the geeks are called Chace.
by Lindsay January 15, 2005

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