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a person or persons who is biased againts people who wear braces.
Me: hey do you still do modeling and comercials
Her: not any more since i got braces
Me: Thats really bracist you know
by Spidey Alex July 27, 2006
A person who makes derogatory comments about braces people.
Dude... don't be bracist. Not cool
by Bracier that you April 08, 2011
Being racist against people with braces
"I hate people with Braces."

"Dude are you a bracist"
by Haymaker4731 May 07, 2010
(Br-A-sist) To hate on someone for having braces
"Hey, nice face metal mouth!"

"Dude,that's so bracist
by white_rice March 21, 2015
A bracist is someone who makes demeaning comments about people with braces.
"Oi metal mouth!"
"Don't be so bracist."
by Gemslake November 01, 2014
see bracism if your bracist it means you practise bracism towards people with braces. ahahaa
your bracist.
by You_Fking_Wish. January 21, 2004
Bird-racist. Someone who discriminates against certain bird species. Many people are bracist towards pigeons, crows, vultures, and geese. Bracism is not okay!
My mother hates crows but she loves eagles. What a bracist.
by EvanElizabeth April 25, 2011

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