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A person with metal wires in their mouth
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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Sharon Spitz: A teenager whose ordinary problems are made extraordinary by the metal in her mouth. A teenager than a lot of people can identify with. She has her own show on Disney Channel. has downloads for braceface and character profiles to learn about the characters
by BFFan July 19, 2004
BraceFace is a person with braces, its used to insult someone with braces.
Person1- hey did you see Kathleen shes a BraceFace now

Person2- really ? did you see Rafaela she got hers in too

Person1- Wow BraceFace Clan
by LCSBraceFacesXD January 27, 2011
a person with braces
me: omg check out that brace face!
my friend: i have to get braces soon...
me: ... goodbye
by blah blah boo hoo you too July 10, 2008
A person with braces highly prone to insults and general good-humoured bantery.
"Hey Stephen, get over here you braceface!"
"That braceface has got so much metal in his mouth, you'd think he was a traintrack!"
by xbrycex January 17, 2007
a person that uses their teeth as a fence, not allowing a guy to stick his dick in her/his mouth.
"Dude she was being such a bitch last night, that hoe brace faced me"
by JAKE AND JULIE March 19, 2008

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