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Term created by dirtbike riders, and motocrorss riders. Often said when everyone would go riding...when riding bicycles, lifting something up, pushing carts...even walking or running. The term grew on and moved to snowmobilers too. BRAAP comes from the noise the two stroke engine produces. Quad riders can use the saying too.
When Jim and Mike were walking down the sidewalk, Jim said "BRAAP!" then sped up and walked faster, pretending he was a dirtbike, or on a dirtbike.
by Some rider November 20, 2004
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The noise made by dirtbikes, snowmobiles and anything with or without a motor.
Sunny said braap! Then ran down the street.
by sunshine on my shoulder January 23, 2008
A sound commenly made by chavs and gangsta's.
'You blud, check out my new threads'
by Josh Billabong February 04, 2008
verb/adjective- Something that you do, or witness,including kicking roosters up with your feet as if a quad or dirtbike; also an action may be heightened by raising it to the ^BRAAP degree.
*also may be a form of expression; for happiness, excitement or showing how much fun you are having. "BRAAAAAAAAP!!!!!"
ex: holy shit, Josh just braap'd his ass through here with some mortar shells, and scared some braap'n hoopdy's.
-Nick braap'd up that motorcycle.

-Brent was totally wasted last night.
-how bad was he? could he even stand up?
-no dude, that kesslers totally braap'd him up.
-holy fuck dude, he was wearin a mustache
by shaey thielke October 01, 2007
'braap' is said when people;
A) Riot
B) Have nothing else to say
or finally C) When you see someone and it may be quite awkward so one will then say 'braap'
'When meeting a mate 'braap', he said. His mate replied 'braap'.
silence 'braap!' silence 'Braap!'
by RolandJames December 03, 2007
Word used to describe something thats awesome. Commonly used by electrical store employee's
Wow Matt, that is Braap!
by Kevsta March 26, 2007
Braap stands for Black Race And Proud & Is Commonly Used By The Black Race
In A Song You May Hear The Artist Say Braap!
by DjLukeyC May 29, 2009

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