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n. eating disorder suffered by males (cf. manorexia) usually accompanied by a binge-and-purge relationship to food.
- Is that guy manorexic? Somebody get him a cheeseburger.
- He just had three cheeseburgers and then went to the can. I think he's got boylimia.
by Enward March 16, 2006
A male suffering from the common eating disorder, bulimia. Someone with boylimia might repeatedly binge on food and then vomit (also called purge).
Hey Megan- did you see that guy throw up in the bathroom?
Yeah, he has straight up boylimia, son!
by E ** Money January 13, 2009
like manorexia, but for bulimia. how to describe a man with bulimia.
john: "dude, why is he so skinny?"
jacob: "oh it's alright, he just has boylimia."
by saralovesgabesaporta October 25, 2008
Sleeping with as many boys as possible, then dumping them as fast as you can.
"I'm a total nympho, but I have to get rid of these dudes before they get attached."

"Sounds like you've got a case of boylimia."
by Tina Ballerina May 10, 2007