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an unfortunate condition where a girl, who might have actually been a decent friend/person prior to getting a boyfriend, turns into a huge douchebag.

-becomes completely absorbed in her relationship

-stops spending time with her real, genuine friends and ditches them to spend time with her boyfriend (who is usually a huge asshole) and his dumb bros

-gives into her boyfriend's every desire and hangs on every word that comes out of his mouth, acts like his property

-makes up elaborate lies to get away with her shitty behavior

-tries to give other girls advice about guys

-doesn't care about anything other than her stupid boyfriend

-will spend innumerable amounts of hours watching her boyfriend and his friends play video games, but won't answer calls or texts from her actual friends

-will likely fall on her ass all alone after the break-up because she has alienated all of her real friends
I used to hang out with Chelsea, but she got awful boyfrienditis when she and Sean started going out. I just stopped trying to be her friend.
by superso December 13, 2009
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A curious condition where a woman is completely obsessed with her boyfriend to the point she no longer cares about anything else. School/uni, hobbies, friends, career etc. no longer seem important to a woman infected with boyfrienditis. It is usually recognised by the exessive use of makeup and non-stop talking about the boy.
Jill's boyfrienditis caused her to not study for her exams.
by Giovanna Bishop November 16, 2010
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