Boying is the art of longing someone off
to Boy is an ultimate sign of disrespect
basically... you get murked
geez1.) OI yeah me and my man are going out tonight get me

geez2.) oh isit?

geez1.) yeah wait il bell him

(calls friend who hangs up instantly)

geez2.) OH PAR!!! MANZ JUST BOYED OF THE TING! whaaaa dickeaddd!

geez1.) oi shut up yeah... he aint a guy :@
by OZWAAN October 30, 2009
Top Definition
To get cussed, taken the piss out of etc
"Na, you just got boyed!" = "They just cussed you!"
by Stoned on Sesame Street October 06, 2003
shame on you. if something bad or crap happens to someone you say 'boyed'.

to boy people off is to, annoy, take the piss out of, trick or prank.
1. person one : *trips over*
Person two: boyed!

2. person one: *eats all the pies*
person two: oh no, i really wanted some pies
person one: boyed!

3. person one: "oh i can't go out because i have to do homework and washing up and i am a loser with no friends"
person two: boyed!

4. person one: *is asleep*
person two: hahahhaha i'm gonna draw all over person ones face, boyed!
person one: *wakes up and sees face* "oh no i got boyed"

5. person one: oh my dayz that breh just insulted my mum, i got boyed
person two: haha, boyed.

6. person one: *takes a sip out of person twos drink while theyre not looking*
person two: *doesnt notice*
person one: "teeheehee, boyed"
person two: *picks up drink and spills it*
person one: ...boyed!

7. person one: "what does boyed mean??"
person two: "hahahha, boyed, you dont know what boyed means! hahaha"
by mr.boyed. January 13, 2006
If someone tells u to do something in a rude way & u do it straight away
Naaah man! U jus got BOYED!!!
by woooooooooooo January 04, 2005
to be made a boy by someone e.g. to be degraded or insulted with no relevant reaction
GIRL: you know what, ur nice but jam lets be friends init
BOY: but i like u
GIRL: so do i, just not as a man, more as a boy...
BOY2:snapp, u just got boyed...
by reality12345 December 03, 2006
beaten up, mugged, hustled
i will boye you, he got boyed
by jawad m September 10, 2006
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