- a dumb ass word created by south carolinians , instead of just saying the word " hit " , or " punch " .
skank - " shuttup boy "
boy - " don't tell me to shuttup hoe "
skank - " nigga please , get box ! "
by ClassyNevaTrashy January 02, 2011
A container for holding human remains.
"Pine box at bedside"
A notation used by Nurses to designate a patient who is close to death.
by pandora's snatch July 23, 2008
female genitalia, a womans cookie
Bean box really smells like stinky chicken today, said gonzo!!!!!
by shreker September 20, 2006
house, crib, home; derived from the derogatory term "carboard box"
Let's meet at Ian's box at 3 o'clock for dinner
by Caroline June 15, 2003
(v.t.)to ignore an incoming cellphone call by pressing the button marked with a square or box on certain cellphones
Suzanne was sick of dealing with phone calls from Leon, so she just boxed him every time he rang.
by Snuppy Rules August 05, 2005
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